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The cornerstones of this project were taken from the Charlie Mulvihill, Louis Quinn and Terry Rafferty Collections in ITMA. Each is presented here as a unit. However, these are all just elements from larger collections, selected by the curators to give a flavour of the type of material available.

All of the text featured throughout the site came from the pen of Don Meade, and the full text is available below.

The commercial recordings that were made on 78rpm discs also feature heavily in the site, and were transferred specially for the project by Alan Morrisroe at the speed at which they were originally recorded.

The Patrick Mullins videos, From Shore to Shore and From Shore to Shore: Retrospective Reels include interviews and performances from many people who were active on the New York scene.

ITMA are grateful to all of the collectors for their permission to allow their work be included in From the Bridge: A view of Irish music in New York.