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Don Meade has been a central part of the Irish traditional music scene in New York for over forty years. After relocating from California in 1976, he encountered and spent time with many of the older players including Martin Wynne, Mike Rafferty, Tom Doherty and especially Paddy Reynolds. In 1986, he took charge of the weekly traditional music concert series at the Eagle Tavern, a series that later moved first to the Blarney Star in 1993 and between 2004 and 2020 to the Glucksman Ireland House. Highly respected among Irish traditional musicians of all ages, he has a vast knowledge of the music tradition in New York. This, combined with his journalistic skills ensured that Don is best placed to create an account of the history of the Irish music tradition in the New York area. He has been especially generous with his knowledge and time and, for this, ITMA are eternally grateful.