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Fiddle great Brendan Mulvihill (a son of Martin, the music teacher) teamed up with Brooklyn-born button accordion virtuoso Billy McComiskey in the 1970s and took up a long-running residency at the Dubliner pub in Washington D.C. where, with Kerry-born singer/guitarist Andy O’Brien, they performed as The Irish Tradition. The trio toured as well, and their return visits to New York to perform at the Eagle Tavern in the 1980s were always the occasion for a gathering of the area’s young musicians, eager for a post-concert session in the bar.

  • The high road to Glin [comp. Martin Mulvihill], reel ; The low road to Glin, reel / Brendan Mulvihill ; Donna Long

  • Sir William Wallace [comp. James Scott Skinner], air ; The iron man [comp. James Scott Skinner], strathspey ; Big John McNeil [comp. Peter Milne], reel / Brendan Mulvihill ; Donna Long